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About Us

Blue Sky has obtained an exclusive, global operating license from Renuva Energy to commercialize its patented technology through innovative manufacturing plants that convert carbon waste into reusable energy. Using a breakthrough, innovative manufacturing process, Blue Sky Energy repurposes coal and coal fines into:

  • Crude Oil
  • Carbon Neutral CHAR
  • Industrial Compressed Gases

The Benefits

Instead of drilling for oil, our patented technology and specialized manufacturing plants convert newly mined coal, processed coal and existing coal waste refuse, including a substantial recovery of coal fines, into more environmentally conscious energy byproducts. These include:

  • A marketable crude (coal) oil that costs less than drilling.
  • Carbon Neutral CHAR, which is much cleaner to utilize—effectively reducing emissions up to 70% and increasing BTU value to 125%.
  • Significant amounts of commercially viable gasses, including methane and Y-Grade natural gas liquids. These gasses are available for commercial use by our customers, and the propane from our Y-Grade is used to power our processing plants—reducing our environmental footprint further.

Additional benefits Realized

These energy products, derived in a more environmentally conscious manner, are suitable for a wide variety of fuel and non-fuel uses and applications.

In addition to cleaner, more breathable air, our remarkably unique processes remediate millions of tons of waste material from local communities, further helping to improve and beautify our environment.