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Partners & Customers

Blue Sky Energy works closely with coal mines, as joint venture partners, to process their coal fines and coal into commercially viable products, including crude (coal) oil, industrial charcoal (carbon neutral coal CHAR) and industrial compressed gases. These valuable byproducts are then sold to a variety of manufacturing customers within various industries.

Joint Venture Partners

To obtain coal and coal fines for its plants, Blue Sky Energy forms joint venture business relationships with U.S. and foreign coal mining companies. Each operating plant is located on a participating coal mine’s property, near stockpiles of refuse coal. The coal is ingested, processed and converted into barrels of crude (coal) oil, tons of industrial charcoal (carbon neutral CHAR) and high volumes of commercially viable, compressed gases. The coal companies benefit from environmentally sound removal of coal fines and are financially compensated by Blue Sky Energy for their participation.


Blue Sky Energy sells its crude (coal) oil to midstream pipeline companies, traders, brokers and downstream refineries. End user products include asphalt, fuels, kerosene, lubricants, petrochemicals and waxes.

Our industrial charcoal (carbon neutral CHAR) is sold directly, or indirectly, to refineries, foundries, steel mills and other buyers within the chemical and materials industries. End user products include activated carbon filters, building and construction materials, healthcare products, industrial filters, metal/steel production, pharmaceutical applications and recreational cooking.

Commercially viable, compressed gases are sold directly or indirectly to the following industries: aerospace, biotechnological food processing, chemical, electronics, environmental protection, fertilizer, medical, metals, mining, nuclear power, oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power, steelmaking and water systems.