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Blue Sky Energy has obtained an exclusive, global operating license from Renuva™ to commercialize its patented technology through innovative manufacturing plants that convert coal and coal fines into reusable energy.


Our specialized plants process raw coal, in the form of coal fines, into a higher-value, carbon-neutral CHAR that contains fewer contaminants and a higher BTU content. Each plant can generate up to 24,750 tons of carbon neutral CHAR each year. But the benefits don’t stop here.

While generating this valuable coal CHAR, our unique process also produces marketable amounts of crude (coal) oil—up to 187,500 barrels per year.

The process also captures large quantities of commercially viable compressed gases, including butane, methane and propane.

Note: The resulting characteristics of product outputs vary depending on the quality of the raw feedstock.

Production Statistics:

One of our exclusive, conveniently sized, and highly efficient manufacturing plants can:

  • Process up to 200 tons of coal per day
  • Create a carbon-neutral coal CHAR with 125% BTU and one-third the weight of raw coal
  • Remove up to 70% of the hazardous volatile materials found in raw coal
  • Generate two to three barrels of oil per ton of processed coal—totaling up to 500 barrels of oil per day

Note: Exact statistics depend upon input coal composition.