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Business and Industry will require continuous, reliable energy resources for years to come—with the supply of crude oil, Carbon Neutral CHAR and Industrial compressed gases predicted to remain in high demand. Blue Sky Energy’s domestic and foreign clients are no exception.

Carbon Neutral CHAR

Instead of drilling for oil and mining for coal, our specialized processing plants clean existing carbon waste, including coal fines, and produce a carbon neutral CHAR that is much cleaner to burn—reducing emissions up to 70%, and increasing BTU value to 125%.

crude (coal) oil

Another benefit is the crude oil we extract from the original coal that costs less than drilling and creates additional opportunities to produce oil where drilling isn’t a viable option.

compressed gases

Also realized is a significant amount of commercially viable tri-gas—a compilation of butane, methane and propane.

These energy products, derived in a more environmentally conscious manner, are suitable for a wide variety of fuel and non-fuel uses and applications.

In addition to cleaner, more breathable air, our remarkably unique processes remediate millions of tons of waste material from local communities, further helping to improve and beautify the environment.

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